We Are Moving Websites!

We have now moved websites! We are moving because we are not posting on this website like we did in the past, but on the new website we will be posting everyday 24/7! 

The Facebook Apps Forum! JOIN NOW!

Please join the facebook apps forum now. On this forum you can get loads of useful tips, tricks and cheats from other cityville players. The more members the forum gets, the more tips, tricks and cheats you can find out! 

Release Notes: 8/25/11


A small release today! Mostly bug fixes and tweaks this time, no major features—but stay tuned, because we have some big stuff planned for release in the next few weeks. 

  • We've started a new XP Dash Leaderboard!
  • Implemented a fix which should prevent users from disconnecting when trying to purchase goods from a neighbor's market.
  • Fixed an error where some of the Energy drops on Critical Kills were being added to your Energy bar, but weren't appearing as drops.
  • Fixed an error where some higher tier units were appearing in pvp invasions against players who were too low level to unlock them.
  • Fixed an error where avatar images weren't displaying properly for some users.
  • The KFX Fighter now sounds like a Fighter, rather than an Airship.
  • Fixed an error that disconnected you if you exited a battle before deploying your troops.
Please Note: There is a bug with this release that disconnects you when you attempt to purchase one of the Participation Rewards from the latest round of the Damage Dash Leaderboard. If you tried to purchase one of the units and your unit disappeared, please contact Zynga Support and they will be able to straighten it out for you. Sorry for the extra hassle!

Until next time, soldiers! DISMISSED!